The City of Fargo is a Great Place to Work

As the regional leader, The City of Fargo is proud to employ nearly 2,000 team members who come to work every day with the mission of offering the best services possible to our community’s residents, business owners, and visitors.

Luke Morman

As a Planner with The City of Fargo’s Planning and Development Department, Luke collaborates with property owners, architects, engineers, and developers to help guide growth throughout all of Fargo. Luke enjoys that the focus of his work is about answering the question “What’s best for the community?”

With his background in Landscape Architecture, Luke says, “I can be innovative in helping others with their vision—we help them bring their ideas to fruition by navigating our policies and regulations.”

Aside from the work Luke does, he said, “There’s a genuine connection with the team and our leaders encourage us to prioritize our families and personal lives by utilizing annual leave when we need it.”

LaVerne Buzick

LaVerne, Community Service Officer (CSO) with The Fargo Police Department, responds to calls such as animal control, parking enforcement, found property, and traffic control. She landed on a career as a CSO because it was a good combination of law enforcement and animal rescue—two previous careers that she enjoyed. 

One of her favorite parts of being a CSO is reuniting lost pets with their families. She said, “The amount of tears we have seen fall when a lost pet makes it home safe is more rewarding than most things I can think of.” 

LaVerne recognizes both the good and challenging experiences in her role have given her a depth of knowledge that would be hard to find in another work environment.

Ahmed Shiil

As the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Coordinator for The City of Fargo, Ahmed uses strategy and education to foster a workplace culture where everyone feels valued. Before joining Team Fargo, Ahmed was already collaborating with employees at The City of Fargo through various community work. He said, “Joining Team Fargo wasn’t a tough decision—it was the right move for me to continue playing an important role in the Fargo community.”

With a young family, Ahmed knew he needed to find an employer that was supportive of—and recognized the importance of—work-life balance. He also likes that The City of Fargo has career growth opportunities and a tuition reimbursement program.

Most of all, Ahmed chose a career with The City of Fargo because “It’s an impactful community role and there are many opportunities to raise awareness about issues affecting all.”

Chandler Esslinger

Chandler chose a career at The City of Fargo because she wanted to make a positive impact through strategic work. As the Community Liaison with Fargo Cass Public Health’s Harm Reduction Division, Chandler is advancing in a career that aligns with her passion— serving the community.

Chandler said, “Not a day goes by that I am not researching and learning best practices to improve the health and well-being of our community; that is exciting to me.” Being surrounded by inspiring leaders and feeling supported by mentors has allowed her to develop leadership skills and have a positive impact.

Chandler encourages those to apply for career opportunities with The City of Fargo because partnering with other local governments and the departments within The City of Fargo allows employees to maximize their collective impact.

Ryan Green

Ryan, a Multimedia Producer with the Communications and Governmental Affairs department, chose a career with Team Fargo because he wanted to feel valued in his work, earn opportunities to grow, be equipped with modern videography tools, and be a part of a supportive team.

Ryan likes that his work has been evolving since day one—projects have become larger in scale and scope, learning opportunities are frequent, and technology and equipment requirements are changing. He appreciates being part of an organization that is forward thinking and provides him with the tools he needs to do this job well for our residents, business owners, employees, and visitors.

Ryan said “The City of Fargo stands out as an employer because of its workplace culture, benefits, career development opportunities, videography tools, and the consistently-evolving work.”

Tyler Ulven

Tyler started as an intern with MATBUS while finishing college courses at M-State and was later hired after graduating as a full-time Maintenance Technician for all MATBUS vehicles. In his day-to-day work, Tyler diagnoses issues and repairs MATBUS equipment.

Throughout his time at the transit department, Tyler has participated in various trainings to stay current with changes in his field. This training allows him—and the team—to work together and share ideas or questions.

Most importantly, he feels that Team Fargo truly cares about him as an individual and enjoys working with them. Tyler said, “This is truly fulfilling work and I love coming here each day.”


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