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The lights come on. Thousands of fans start to scream and cheer in one of the most epic concerts you have ever been to. You find yourself moving to the music, watching the energy throughout the crowd. A team member calls you on your com headset with a request—the next light cue you programmed earlier in the day. You hit the button and the crowd goes wild. Another amazing show put on by an amazing team.

Mobile Pro, a leader in live event production, has been serving the region since 2014. Their core values revolve around the idea of being genuine in everything they do, while also striving to be innovative in their ideas and execution of every production.

Every year, their team completes hundreds of events throughout our region. Each event has a particular goal and objective for the client. Each team member provides vital expertise to complete the objectives for the event.

“Happy customers” may seem cliché in business, but Mobile Pro not only wants happy customers but wants every customer to feel like family. From brainstorming sessions to onsite event execution, each team member contributes their unique strengths and perspectives, creating an electric synergy. Flexibility is key; they encourage autonomy and experimentation, empowering everyone to explore their talents and passions. Mobile Pro isn’t just about organizing events; it’s about crafting experiences.

One of the best examples of making happy customers is a recent event in which they collaborated with an amazing client. Mobile Pro began the process by discussing the outcomes needed for the client. This included many factors of the entire day’s event schedule. The Mobile Pro team worked tirelessly to not only help vision out the event but also spent months working on the technical details needed to pull these shows off.

Work-Life Balance

Although Mobile Pro is in the hospitality sector, they are constantly striving to create flexibility through flexible scheduling so that team members can manage personal commitments while providing support to other team members. They provide resources like mental health support and wellness programs to help employees manage stress and maintain balance.

Unique Culture

Open communication is highly encouraged to foster openness and trust within the entire organization. The saying, “If you are doing what you love, it doesn’t feel like work” is one of the key things Mobile Pro does to make the work as enjoyable as possible. Special events at Mobile Pro can spring up on a random day and sometimes at any given time. Social picnics with family and friends of Mobile Pro or random movie nights are a huge part of building great team camaraderie.

Path for Success

Mobile Pro is launching its first-ever production training academy at the company headquarters. Skilled technicians will provide a classroom-like atmosphere to better train, educate, and build skills for all new and existing team members. This new training lab will bring hands-on learning that will ensure everyone has a path to grow their skill sets. The Mobile Pro path for success will help individuals grow not only within the company but within the industry. A truly good Mobile Pro team member must possess a team-like attitude to be successful within the company. Solid problemsolving in the industry is also a must to ensure the quality of the events produced.

Mobile Pro 

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