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Great Places to Work: The City of Fargo

About the City of Fargo

As the regional leader, The City of Fargo is proud to employ nearly 2,000 team members who come to work every day with the mission of offering the best services possible to our community’s residents, business owners and visitors.

What makes the City of Fargo a great place to work?

Over 300 unique positions exist within Team Fargo’s 24/7/365 operations and offer an incredibly diversified menu of opportunities to serve your community. There are countless opportunities to grow within an organization which embraces diversity, inclusion and growth. In addition to seeking new team members, Fargo has a strong track record of promoting from within as new opportunities present themselves. This is a place where you can grow and excel.

The City of Fargo is an employer which places high importance on valuing employees and their families. In addition to market-competitive salaries, members of Team Fargo enjoy a robust benefit package including family health insurance, pension-centric retirement, vision, dental and more. The City is committed to providing exceptional advancement opportunities, tuition reimbursement programs, wellness initiatives and paid volunteerism policies.

The City places a strong emphasis on employee engagement and empowering its team members. Offering a place to find a career home—and not solely a job—is a unifying goal felt throughout all 22 City departments.

The most profound asset in this organization is not its buildings, roadways, water pipes or traffic infrastructure. Without question, the team members which make all of these things possible are the most important and valued attribute of Team Fargo.

Meet Four Members of Team Fargo

Shelly Brackins

As a Fargo Equipment Operator, Shelly Brackins works in the Public Works Department and is exceptionally proud to be a City employee. Equipment operators manage a variety of material-moving equipment used in the maintenance and repair of streets, water and sewer lines, collection and transportation of solid waste, landfill and other utility facilities and services. Shelly said, “Being a part of The City is an amazing accomplishment for myself and it can be an amazing opportunity for you as well. Don’t just think you can do this; know you can do it. Being with The City, it feels like I’m made whole now; this is where I’m meant to be. In this place, we’re all treated equally. It doesn’t matter if you have been here for five, 10 or 20 years; we’re all on one team.” Shelly also stressed that in Fargo, “We take the time to do it right; if it can’t be done safely, we don’t do it.” Shelly joined Team Fargo in 2022.

Jonathan Braski

Geographic Information System (GIS) Technician Jonathan Braski is responsible for updating the underground utility information in the City’s main database. He maintains up-to-date and accurate maps through research, gathering source material, data entry, digitizing and using specialized software. His job duties range from flood planning to fire hydrant mapping. Jonathan was drawn to serving others in addition to finding stability with a local governmental entity. The diversity of the projects and the people are two of his favorite aspects. He is surprised each day with the varied nature of the work and what lands on his desk as a new project, saying it’s a great surprise each day. “It’s exciting and fun to be here. People are willing to help whenever you have questions. I truly feel empowered here because I know there are many ways and avenues to voice your opinions. Public service is a calling and to me, it’s meaningful to work with the greater community in trying to make this a better place for everyone who calls Fargo home.” Jonathan has been a member of Team Fargo for more than 11 years.

Tanner Smedshammer

Purchasing Manager Tanner Smedshammer had a recent transition into the Finance Department from Public Works when a new opportunity within the organization became available. He now works to plan, coordinate and manage operations and staff responsible for Citywide procurement processes to ensure needed supplies, equipment, goods and services are available on a timely, economical basis. Tanner shared, “The City has been on the forefront of a lot of different aspects. City Commissioners have been great to work with; they put a lot of trust in the employees as do the departmental directors. They are always open to new ideas, which is fantastic to see in leadership. There are a lot of strong mentors who help you with each task you accomplish. The Fargo culture is great; we place employees first and leadership works to make people the best they can be. This is a phenomenal place to work.” Tanner originally worked for The City of Fargo before departing for another opportunity; he returned to Team Fargo in 2018.

Alex Frost

MATBUS Equipment Technician Alex Frost performs a variety of technical, mechanical and general repair and maintenance on a wide array of vehicles and equipment. A high level of technical and diagnostic skills and major component rebuilding are required for her position. She works on high value equipment where proper preventive maintenance is necessary in order to preserve assets and avoid injuries attributable to equipment failure. Alex credited the on-the-job training with providing a strong baseboard for her successes. “I am learning something new every day, and I enjoy those challenges. Everyone is friendly and extremely helpful. We all push each other to challenge ourselves to do more than we originally thought we may actually be able to do; we really grow together. In Fargo, teamwork is very important; you learn from the person you are working with. Someone is always there to help. I chose to wake up each day in service to others because I get to truly help people who really need me.” Alex has been a member of Team Fargo for more than five years.

Mayor Dr. Tim Mahoney

This organization seeks more civic-minded team members who are committed to serving others. The City of Fargo is a place where you will be valued and empowered.

Mayor Dr. Tim Mahoney credits Team Fargo’s determination, passion and strength for serving as the ingredients which make City operations successful. “Regardless of the type or scale of the challenge, Fargo always steps up and rises to the occasion by tackling big things headon, facilitating development and embracing innovation. We will continue to improve upon our award-winning services by retaining and attracting the very best to join this team. Fargo is this area’s leader and we need more leaders to help us get even better.”

If you are drawn to a career in public service and desire to join an organization like no other, visit

Together, We Are Far More in Fargo. Join us.


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