Dakota Fence is a Great Place to Work

In 1972, Dakota Fence, an entity of DFC Company, was founded by Dave Currier, his brother Dan, and their father Dick Currier. This family-owned business, spanning three generations, began its journey in the backyard garage of the Currier family. Over time, the company experienced significant growth, moving beyond the confines of the garage and evolving into the entity it is today.

Under the leadership of Joe Currier, who took over as president and CEO in 2015, DFC Company has continued to prosper. Joe, along with his siblings, John Currier and Amy Mickelson, owns and directs the company, guiding it towards future success

Recognizing the importance of professional development, DFC Company launched DFC Academy in 2023. This learning management system (LMS) is designed to provide continuous training opportunities to employees, ensuring they remain updated with the latest industry trends and best practices.

DFC Company’s commitment to employee growth extends to collaborations with local educational institutions. In recent years, the company has partnered with M-State Community College’s Workforce Development Solutions program, offering offsite, hands-on training to its employees. The focus of these training programs is on leadership development as well as mechanical and electrical skills, enhancing industry-specific knowledge.

In addition to skill development, DFC Company places high value on employee recognition and loyalty. The Blue Yeah! recognition program, for example, allows employees to acknowledge and appreciate their colleagues who exemplify the company’s core values: Safety, Loyalty, Teamwork, Accountability, Innovation, and Service. This program has been instrumental in fostering a sense of gratitude and recognition within the company, enhancing the connection of the ‘Blue Family’ members to their work, colleagues, and the broader organization.

Did You Know?

Each year, Dakota Fence provides employees with a benefit of 8 hours of paid Volunteer Time Off (VTO), which they can use to engage in volunteer activities at local charitable organizations of their choice.


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