KLN Family Brands is a Great Place to Work

About KLN Family Brands

KLN Family Brands, headquartered in Perham, MN, is a dynamic company known for manufacturing a diverse array of human and pet food products. The company encompasses four distinct entities: Tuffy’s Pet Foods and Kenny’s Candy & Confections in Perham, as well as Tuffy’s Treat Company and The Spot by NutriSource in Delano, MN. Their product range is extensive, featuring brands like NutriSource, Finley’s, and Natural Planet in pet foods, along with Wiley Wallaby licorice and Sweet Chaos popcorn for human consumption.

The company’s CEO, Charlie Nelson, has profoundly influenced the organizational culture with a simple yet impactful motto: “Why are we here if we aren’t trying to make a difference?” This statement is reflected in the KLN WE GROW Learning & Development Program, which encompasses four key areas: skills, careers, leaders, and dreams. Particularly notable is the “We grow dreams” category, central to which is the KLN Dream Manager Program, available to all team members. This initiative underlines the company’s belief in supporting their employees’ aspirations and dreams.

In 2023, KLN Family Brands demonstrated its commitment to its team and community by distributing over $6 million in profit-sharing to team members and donating over $1 million to community organizations and other causes.

KLN Family Brands prides itself on its manufacturing expertise in people and pet food. However, the company’s vision goes beyond this, focusing on a “people-first” approach and aspiring to better the world through care and compassion.

The company offers unique benefits to its employees, including subsidized daycare, a free near-site clinic with over 300 free prescription medications, and a forgivable $10,000 home loan program for team members purchasing new homes.


Great Benefits

Great Development Opportunities
Great Commitment to Well Being

Hiring for in 2024

  • Pet Food Fanatics
  • Passionate Popper
  • Wallaby Wranglers
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Operations
  • Confection Perfectionists
  • Jack of all Treats
  • Quality Maintenance
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Engineering
  • Warehouse
  • Sales
  • Automation
  • Over 15 Internships

KLN Family Brands

109 Lakeside Dr
Perham, MN 56573
[email protected]

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